DIY: How to build a table with a pallet



Today we bring you a DiY we have done ourselves. I’m not a crafty expert, but I promise that I’ve put all my efforts in this DIY project for my beach house.

Materials needed:

  • Two wooden pallets
  • 4 wheels
  • Studs for the wheels
  • 4 cloves
  • Color paint or varnish
  • Glass (optional *)

How to create a table with a pallet

First you have to find a pair of wooden pallets, the more authentic the better. EPAL ones will give a much more industrial look that will be great. We can ask some factories that won’t use them but if you do not find any there are many places where you can buy them at good price.


Check out the size of the pallets that will fit best in the space in which you’d love to place them. Ours are about 120cmx80cm to fit our dining room. Then, buy 4 wheels. I bought mine at Bauhaus. I chose large wheels so the table does not move and is easier to clean and move around the space.

image-2 copia

Ask for the type of subject like studs to fix the two palets.


Chose between keeping the original color (you’ll have to put some varnish) or painting it. I love white furniture so we applied a very diluted white paint and gave it two layers so that the wood absorbed all the paint.


Finally, put a glass on (optional). It is the best option to avoid the spaces and keeping it clean.

Other ideas DiY recycled materials to decorate the house

If you like the vintage look with recycled materials you can also make a composition of shelves with old fruit boxes. Super easy and very cute to put there any books , flowers , cactus, etc.



During Easter I also had time to paint an old bag with white spray to put some paniculata flowers in to decorate a corner of the apartment.


Which are your favorite diy projects?

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